Hostel Facilities


Hostel has the accommodation of 119 students. Hostel provides ample opportunities for students to take part in various activities of the college. There is a warden, a matron and an office staff to attend to the needs of the students from time to time. The hostel has a mess, water coolers, visitor's room, common facility and a medical room. The hostel is Wi Fi enabled and equipped with fridge, microwave ovens, automatic washing machines, ironing boxes and induction cook tops to make life convenient and enjoyable for the students. The mess provides balanced and wholesome food to the students. The common Room has a TV with DTH and a music system. Resident students are encouraged to participate in cultural and social activities of the college as various activities such as music, dance dramas and nukkad nataks are organized on the campus from time to time. The college hostel tries to provide an ideal atmosphere for a healthy, all round development of the personality of an individual and a launching pad for a glorious career ahead.