Sports Category


The list of 18 games and their positions required for the admission under sports quota 2016-17. The total no. of seats are 08 under this category.

S.No. Game Positions
1. Athletics Sprinters, Middle Distance , Long Distance Runners, Throwers and Jumpers
2. Badminton Singles & Doubles
3. Basketball All Positions
4. Boxing In all Weight Categories (W)
5. Chess Good Players
6. Gymnastics Good Players
7. Fencing Good Players
8. Football All Positions
9. Judo In all weight Categories (W)
10. Lawn Tennis Good Players
11. Shooting Good Shooters
12. Swimming Good Swimmers
13. Squash Good Players
14. Table Tennis Good Players ( Singles and doubles)
15. Taekwondo In all Weight Categories (W)
16. Volleyball Setter, Hitter, Libro, Defensive Players
17. Weightlifting In all Weight Categories (W)
18. Yoga Good Players