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Biology Laboratory
The department conducts experiments in general biology, microbiology, genetics, lab technology and maintenance. The laboratory is well equipped with basic as well as sophisticated equipments viz. compound microscopes, inverted microscopesm electrophoresis units, various typesof centrifuges, shakers, incubators, ovens, microwave ovens electronic weighing balance, pH meters, PCR, ELISA reader, Biochemistry analyzer etc. The department also has tissue culture facility where basic experiments are carried out.

Chemistry Laboratory
Titrations and salt analysis are some of the aspects that form the basics of this lab. The students undergo a refreshing exercise to understand the intricacies of chemistry.


Physics Laboratory
A well equipped lab wherein the students build their foundation of the principles of physics there by enhancing their scientific temperament. Equipments like He-Ne lasers, polarimeter, vacuum coating unit, electrical bridges etc. and sufficient number of oscilloscope, resistance meters, function generators, power supplies, optical benchers etc. are part of this lab.

Biochemistry Laboratory
Spectrophotometer and chromatography form the building blocks for the students in polishing their skills for industry as well as research. Biochemistry laboratory has BOD incubator, fraction collector, centrifuges, UV visible spectrophotometer, Electrical and Analytical Balance. Iit is also equipped with Lyophillizer, Vacuum Dessicator, Hot Air Oven, Universal Oven , Electorphoretic Apparatus, Refrigerator, Magnetic Stirrer, Chromatographic Chamber, Electric Tissue Grinder, Spectrophotometer and pH Meter.

Mathematics Laboratory
Mathematics Lab is well equipment with 20 high-speed P-IV computers with broadband Internet facility available for students.Lab has a number of mathematical and statistical software’s such as Mathematical Version 5.1 SPSS and Minitab, Lingo to name a few. The Students prepare their projects and Presentations   using   these Software’s.

This year Mathematics Department have purchased five Linksys Wireless -N

broadband Integrated routers as well. These wireless routers may also work as access point to design Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) connectivity.

The college Library has an approximate collection of 12,000 titles. It includes books, encyclopedia and periodicals covering aspects of fundamental science, such as Electronics, Instrumentation, Food Technology, Computers, Biology, Biochemistry,  Physics   etc.   The   library Offers   excellent   service   like  current awareness,   selective   dissemination  of Information, literature search, reference , newspaper clipping services etc. Library has  been computerised and is  also maintaining cards and catalogues.  The library subscribes to 25  Scientific

Journals, 20   popular   magazines   and   various newspapers. It also has good collection of video   cassettes   with  programmes   on various topics of interest.