The Department of Biochemistry was established in the year 2107. The Department offers a four-year degree programme B.Sc. (H) Biochemistry. This program provides in-depth knowledge of basic to advanced electronics.

The study of the chemistry of living things and their biological processes is the focus of biochemistry. In addition to receiving sound theoretical knowledge from highly experienced faculty throughout the duration of the programme, students also receive hands-on practical training in well-equipped laboratories.

The department also organizes regular seminars and conferences by renowned scientists, exposing the students to the cutting-edge scientific research.

Graduate students of our department are frequently chosen for integrated PhD and M.Sc. programmes at esteemed Indian universities. Our graduates work in industry, academia, scientific writing, and research in India and other countries.

The Department has its student society named “Vinculum”. This society along with the faculties annually organizes various technical and non-technical activities along with the technical fest “Elixir”. Student society brings out annual magazine “Unlocking Minds” for giving insight into the latest research and development in the field of biochemistry.

The Department also offers institute internship opportunities for the students motivated toward research in biochemistry.

The Department of Biochemistry has three well-equipped labs namely

  • Biochemistry Lab 1
  • Biochemistry Lab 2
  • Microbiology Lab

The labs are equipped with basic and advanced instruments ranging from weighing balance, PH meter to UV and visible spectrophotometer and refrigerated centrifuges, Protein and DNA Gel running systems, Protein analysis systems, basic chromatography equipments and Microscopes to perform all kinds of experiments required for the curriculum of undergraduate students of Biochemistry. The lab is also involved in conducting research in the form of innovation projects.

Name Designation Detail
Dr. Sadhna Jain Associate Professor
Dr. Lakshmi Pasricha Sarin Assistant Professor
Dr. V.A.Pratyusha Assistant Professor
Dr. Meeta Bhardwaj Assistant Professor
Dr. Neha Basotra Assistant Professor
Dr. Pankaj Sharma Assistant Professor
Dr. Punit Prabha Assistant Professor
Dr. Deeksha Sachdeva Assistant Professor

The Department has a duly elected Departmental council named “Vinculum” with following office bearers

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Cultural secretary

Projects Completed:

INNOVATION PROJECT (2015-2016) Biochemical evaluation of sprouted fenugreek seeds for nutraceutical management of type 2 diabetes by in vitro methods, Grant Received Amount: Rs 5 LAKH

Dr. Daya Bhardwaj, Dr. Punita Saxena and Dr. Sadhna Jain, Effect of anemia on the academic performance of undergraduate students” (Project code SRCA101)” Delhi University under the Vice Chancellor’s Innovation Project scheme 2013-2014 (Amount :4.5 Lakh )