Language Courses

Multilingualism has become more than just important in the contemporary times. A Language Course renders an add-on value to one’s existence and identity in this fast paced and globalized world. This helps to make real connections with people and provide a better understanding at the place of target language. Over the last few years, we have witnessed a huge surge in demand of foreign language professionals. Learning a foreign language broadens the spectrum of prospects of studying abroad, business opportunities and career options. Moreover, no matter what one’s career aspirations are, with a foreign language added to the resume, one is always ahead of one’s competitors.

Keeping this into consideration, our college organised a part-time foreign language course in the college’s premises itself. In February 2018, German Language College Certification Course was introduced in collaboration with Langma School of Languages. To emphasize on the importance of second language and to allow our students to extend their horizon, in August 2018 we also introduced part-time Urdu language certification course (in collaboration with the Urdu Academy).

Further, in 2019 German Language Certification Course, a part time language course in affiliation with Department of German and Romance Studies, DU was introduced. It is well said that to achieve something bigger, we have to walk an extra mile. With the dedication of students, teachers and course coordinators, we have been successfully running German and Urdu Language courses from past two years.

This year, the college likes to include Diploma in German in our curriculum which is the next level course after certification in German. All the courses offered are open for students from our college as well as outside(near by area & other colleges of DU). We have a vision to empower more and more students in the coming years with other language courses, too. We aspire to create and curate future generations who become excellent cosmopolitans, and have a plethora of academic and career opportunities open in front of them.