DEPARTMENT OF Food Technology

The Department of Food Technology have seven main labs namely

  • Analytical Lab1
  • Analytical Lab 2
  • Microbiology Lab
  • Food Instrumentation Lab
  • Food and Nutrition Lab
  • Pilot Plant 1
  • Pilot Plant 2

The Department has well developed infrastructure. There are additional rooms for culture inoculation, sample weighing and sample digestion equipped with laminar flow chamber, electronic balances and digestion facilities respectively. The pilot plant I houses bakery and Ice-cream unit and Pilot plant II houses canning and dehydration unit. The departmental library has reference books, project reports and product development literature with computers and internet facilities for the faculty and students.

The analytical lab has sophisticated instrumentation facilities for students. Some of the Key instruments are: moisturometer, bursting strength tester, vacuum oven, brookfield viscometer, Abbes refractometer, penetrometer, hydrometer, viscometer, soxhlet unit, UV visible spectrophotometer, dehydrator, muffle furnace, polarimeter, Lovibondtintometer, Kjeldahl unit, Ball mill, vacuum evaporator, fermenter, Digital microscope and RM-PV estimation assembly. Bakery unit has planetary mixer, baking ovens, dough kneader, bread slicer, dough sheeter, bun cutter, sugar grinding mill, kitchen aid mixer etc. Microbiology lab has autoclave, incubators, binocular microscopes, BOD incubator, air sampler, Millipore filtration assembly, laminar air flow chamber, electronic colony counters etc. The lab also has high endequipments which include HPLC system, texture analyzer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, rancimat, fat analyser, protein analyser, reverse Osmosis plant and SO2 estimation assembly.

Departmental Library: The Department has a small library. Students use its facility during practical and otherwise.

Internet facilities for Staff and Students: The Department has systems with Internet facility. They are available for both staff and students to access web.

Name Designation Detail
Dr. Deepa Joshi Associate Professor
Dr. Ranjana Singh Professor
Dr. Para Dholakia Associate Professor
Ms. Saumya Chaturvedi Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Sabharwal Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Dr. Twinkle Kumar Sachchan Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

The Department also has student council with an aim to promote students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers. They often also help raise funds for wide activities, including conferences, workshops, seminars, industrial visits etc.

The Department celebrated its fest “World Food Day” every year. The students organize it with great zeal and enthusiasm and hold various competitions. Every year there is an increase in participation of students from other colleges.

Projects Completed:

Conferences: A National conference have been organised by Department in year 2016

  • First National Conference on Advances in Food science and technology-NCAFST-2016