Department of Financial Studies

The Department of Financial Studies was established in the year 2017. The Department offers a four year degree programme Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis). This program is only available in 2 colleges of University of Delhi. This program provides in-depth knowledge of basic to advanced levels of finance discipline.

The students have many avenues for higher education after completing this program such as M.Sc. in Finance, M.B.A., Specialized Master's Programs (Master of Finance (MFin), etc. Students can have several career opportunities at the completion of this program.

The Department actively organizes seminars, webinars, workshops, and training programs for students to streamline with the new developments and recent trends in electronics. The Department also promotes value-based education by supporting students to involve in community services as a social responsibility.

The Department organizes various technical and non-technical activities along with the technical fest “Iidaira”. Editorial team of the department brings out an annual magazine “CorpXelle” for giving insight into the latest technologies, research and development in the field of management.

Name Designation Detail
Mr. Subhash Manda Assistant Professor
Dr. Dimpy Handa Assistant Professor
Dr. Antra Singh Assistant Professor
Dr. Renu Yadav Assistant Professor
Dr. Md. Mobashir Hussain Assistant Professor
Ms. Rabia Kamili Assistant Professor

The students are elected for the following posts:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Joint-Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Cultural-Secretary
  • Joint Cultural-Secretary
  • Editor

Every Year the department organises is Annual Technical Fest- Iidaira, which is a culmination of various activities, games, and informative sessions on topic like ‘Vision of India: 2047’ and fun events like stand-up comedy etc. This fest is attended by over 2500 students from various colleges of Delhi and Delhi NCR.