The Department of Mathematics has two well equipped computer labs namely

  • Maths Lab 1
  • Maths Lab 2

The labs are equipped with 95 computers, One High-end HP ML350G8 Tower Model Server and two Laptops. The systems are installed with mathematical and statistical software such as Mathematica, Latex, R and SPSS. The department also has one HP LaserJet 4555HMFP server printers, three laser printers and scanner. Each lab has a mounted LCD projector which is used during seminars and presentations. At present the lab is also being shared with Department of Statistics.

Internet facilities for Staff & Students: All the system has internet facility. They are available for both staff and students to access web.

Name Designation Detail
Dr. Punita Saxena Professor
Dr. Shalu Sharma Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Dr. Ritika Chopra Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Ms. Arushi Goyal Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

The Department has a duly elected Departmental council with the name “RAMANARYA”. The council conducts lectures and seminars by eminent mathematicians on regular basis. The following are the office bearers

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Projects Completed:

  • Biochemical evaluation of sprouted fenugreek seeds for nutraceutical management of type-2 diabetes using in vitro assays. Funding Authority: University of Delhi, Grant: Rs 5Lakh
  • Low cost solar inverter- A stand alone system for the households. Funding Authority: University of Delhi, Grant: Rs 5Lakh.
  • An automatic irrigation system sensing soil moisture content using self-made sensor for efficient use of resources and optimum flow of water in the fields. Funding Authority: University of Delhi Grant: Rs 5Lakh.