The Department of Microbiology was established in the year 2017. The Department offers a four-year degree programme B.Sc. (H) Microbiology. This program provides in-depth knowledge of basic and applied microbiology. Ever since its existence the department is not only committed to deliver quality education to its students but also constantly works towards their holistic development. The students have many avenues for higher education and several carrier opportunities at the completion of this program. The Department actively organizes seminars, webinars, workshops, and training programs for students to streamline with the new developments and recent trends in microbiology.

The department was honoured with the prestigious ‘Best Department Award’ , National Level, for the session 2022-23, by the Microbiologists’ Society, India (MBSI) on 27th October 2023. The department has a student unit of MBSI. The department has been awarded a linkage certificate by MBSI for the academic year 2023-24 where 5 teachers and 122 students have taken life/annual membership of MBSI.

The Department has its student society named ‘Ethereal’. This society along with the faculties annually organizes various technical and non-technical activities along with the technical fest ‘Microblaze’. Student society brings out an annual magazine ‘Evanescent’ for giving insight into the latest technologies, research and development in the field of microbiology.

The Department offers institute internship opportunities for the students motivated toward research in microbiology. It also offers a certificate course on Mushroom cultivation wherein many students gets hands-on training for cultivation of various types of mushrooms and also learn entrepreneurial skills.

The Department of Microbiology has two well-equipped labs namely

  • Biology Lab 1
  • Biology Lab 2

Apart from the laboratories the department also has well maintained media preparation room, instrumentation room, inoculation room and a culture room. The labs are well equipped with various instruments like microscopes, shaker incubator, laminar flow cabinet, incubator, UV spectrophotometer, centrifuge, digital pH meter, electronic weighing balances, colony counter, gel electrophoresis units, tissue culture racks, autoclaves etc.

The Department has a computer system with Internet facility that can be utilized by the staff and students to access web.

Name Designation Detail
Dr. Rekha Mehrotra Associate Professor
Dr. Richa Sharma Assistant Professor
Dr. Preeti Verma Assistant Professor
Dr. Pooja Bhadoriya Assistant Professor
Dr. Priya Bhatnagar Assistant Professor
Dr. Arti Kumari Assistant Professor
Dr. Abhinav Prasad Assistant Professor
Dr. Manpreet Kaur Assistant Professor

The Department has a duly elected Departmental council named “ETHEREAL” which organises events, seminars and interactive sessions with eminent scientists, academicians and entrepreneurs to abreast them with latest research in the field. The following are the office bearers

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Treasurer

The Department of Microbiology annually orchestrates MICROBLAZE, a technical fest aimed at fostering knowledge acquisition among students in the realm of biological sciences. This flagship event encompasses a spectrum of activities, including enlightening talk sessions delivered by distinguished scientists in the field of applied life sciences, along with events meticulously crafted to assess and stimulate students' scientific acumen.

During MICROBLAZE'23-24, the latest edition of our annual departmental magazine, 'EVANESCENT,' was unveiled. The issue, titled "The Microbial Trifecta: Shield Sherlock Security," is a testament to the industrious efforts of our students who played integral roles in its conception, authorship, editing, and design. As part of our Social Outreach Program, the department initiated the dissemination of an informative leaflet elucidating the profound significance of microbes in our daily lives. This commendable effort represents a small yet impactful stride towards raising awareness about this pivotal subject not only within intellectual circles but also among the general populace. In a conscious effort to maximize reach, the information in the leaflet is presented bilingually. The distribution of these leaflets was orchestrated among both teaching and non-teaching staff members, ensuring a comprehensive dissemination of knowledge and understanding.

Dr.RekhaMehrotrawas awarded the following innovation Projects by University of Delhi:

  • “Antimicrobial and Phytochemical studies on some Indian spices against multi drug resistant human pathogens” (2013-14)
  • “Synthesis and Characterization of magnetic nanoparticles for tumor treatment” (2015-16)